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From the Indian Ocean to the Mediterranean sea, Lorraine grew up by the sea, and learned to dive from a very young age. How can you not feel concerned by the scourge of plastic pollution, when each dive brings its own new batch of waste?

She took a break from her studies and swapped her pens for a mast and sails to embark on this year-long adventure. Joining the open-heart operation to save the most polluted sea on the planet is a challenge that cannot be refused.

Combining challenges, adventure, encounters, science and ecology, the Sea Plastics project allows him to reconnect with his Mediterranean roots, while going to the forefront of a planetary fight for a just, but above all, urgent cause. 

A great lover of sailing holidays since her childhood, Irène naturally fell in love with the SEA Plastics project.

Her career as a life and environmental engineer has led her to understand and apprehend ecosystems and how they function.

To fight against the immensity of maritime pollution and its consequences on ecosystems, she tries to act on her own scale by trying to do without plastic in her daily life, and to make choices that respect the environment.

For her, this project is a way of devoting her year off to a cause that is at the heart of her concerns.

Adventurous and passionate about science from a young age, Dimitri loves to explore and understand the world around him. The sea is a place he particularly loves. Fishing allows him to observe this fragile and majestic environment, and he quickly becomes aware of the urgency of our oceans.
On his way back to AgroParisTech, he comes across a presentation by SEA Plastics and realises that this project fits perfectly with his philosophy. That of studying, raising awareness and participating in a sailing adventure. 



Spontaneous, curious and sensitive to ecological issues, Manon has long been keen to reduce its environmental impact, particularly by using responsible means of transport. But this is not enough, and she wanted to commit to a project that makes sense to her. She therefore joined the crew of SEA Plastics, for the environmental actions carried out by the association, but also for the real adventure that this expedition represents.
She is looking forward to making this project shine and to achieving the objectives of the 2021 team!



Passionate about the ocean and concerned about current environmental issues, Hélène wishes to put all her energy into preserving ecosystems and protecting biodiversity. Curious about the secrets of life, she has oriented her career towards biological engineering, is interested in biomimicry and wishes to integrate an ecological dimension into her professional project. She loves practising outdoor sports (surfing, sailing, hiking), making new discoveries and going on adventures. For her, SEA Plastics is an opportunity to get involved in a project combining her values, knowledge and passion!

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